Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why You Should Consider Using a Private Jet Charter Broker

The days when commercial aviation had that hint of glamour and adventure are long gone. With commercial airlines slashing services to extract profits, many people today find commercial aviation to be completely unsatisfactory for business, vacation travel, and cargo transport. A private jet charter broker is the answer to these problems.

Because a Charter Broker Is Able to Put Your Safety First

An air charter service that is designed to match passengers up with private air carriers is able to shop around for competitive rates and connect passengers only with private carriers who meet stringent standards. A charter broker develops relationships with trusted private jet services and is able to hook passengers up with only those who place passenger safety and service as top priorities.

Because Your Schedule May Not Conform to Commercial Aviation Schedules

If you run a corporation, you know that your schedule and the schedules of even the best commercial airlines don't always sync up. If you don't have time to cool your heels in an airport during long layovers, then working with an air charter service may be a good choice for you. When you use a private charter broker, you benefit from the expertise that finds competitively-priced flights that let you take care of business.

Because Sometimes Time is Critical

Medical flights often have to be arranged quickly, and a private charter service with a strong network of high quality private carriers can address this need. Whether you need to get a medical team to the scene of a humanitarian disaster, or whether you have an organ for transplant that needs to arrive at its destination as soon as possible, you can count on the best service from a charter broker.

Because You Need Service, Not Hassles

Because a private charter broker is not tied to one single charter flight provider, it can work quickly while finding competitively priced, convenient flights that get you where you need to go safely and efficiently. Choose a broker who uses FAR Part 135 carriers certified by the FAA with substantial insurance policies. When you do, you're assured of the best in convenience, safety, and service.

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