Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do Jet Charters Make Sense for Your Business?

Jet charter brokers arrange charter flights for their clients by using their charter flight network and connections to find clients flights that work with their schedule and needs. Air charters keep costs reasonable by knowing how to pick up empty return legs on charter flights and choosing charter services interested in picking up repeat business from new clients. At Air Charter Advisors, our goal is to arrange the best charter flights at the most competitive rates, optimizing your experience from the moment you book your flight until you've safely landed at your destination.

Why Air Charters Make Sense for Business

Executive charter flights make sense for businesses because they allow passengers to land near their destination, even if that destination is remote. They also fly passengers when they need to fly, helping business travelers avoid the headaches of trying to book flights based on commercial aviation schedules that are increasingly complex and inconvenient.

Safety and Service Must Be Top Priorities

Not all air charter brokers are alike. The charter broker you choose for your needs should make client safety and service their top priorities. Great charter brokers have extensive networks of charter providers so that they can find the best possible rates for charter flights. Charter brokers help their customers travel securely and confidentially, with superior service that you simply can't find in commercial aviation today.

Air Charters for Passengers, Cargo, or Medical Flights

Not all air charter flights are for business executives who need to travel. Charter brokers are also able to arrange flights for cargo, or for medical transport needs. Choose a broker with extensive experience booking every type of charter flight and a network of charter providers that is extensive enough to meet needs, whatever the customer's schedule.

The Future of Jet Charters

Jet charter services struggled during the economic downturn, but signs point to a strong rebound in 2013 and out-years. In fact, Warren Buffett's NetJets recently spent nearly $10 billion on new planes for delivery starting in 2014 based on confidence that global demand will increase demand for charter jet services. Have you considered a charter broker for your flight needs?

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