Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Many Benefits of Aircraft Charter for Cargo and Passengers

Chartering an aircraft for your transportation and cargo needs is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses and organizations. There are many benefits to choosing an aircraft charter rather than opting for more traditional flight services. These are a few of the major reasons for choosing an aircraft charter service instead of booking a flight on a commercial airline or air cargo service.


When you charter an aircraft, you’ll work with a service that is dedicated to providing a flight itinerary suited to your needs rather than to the airline’s own schedule needs. While there will still be restrictions, you can generally fly out when you want instead of when an airline has a flight scheduled.


When you fly by commercial airline, you have a very limited choice of airports. Commercial airlines only serve roughly 200 to 250 of the world’s largest airports. If you want to get closer to your destination, you’ll often have no choice but to book an air charter, which can land at any one of 7,000 of the world’s airports.

Avoid Delays

Don’t sit around the airport for hours because of canceled or delayed flights, or worse, overbooking. Air charter flights are seldom delayed unless there is a serious weather problem. As noted, chartered jets and other aircraft operate on your schedule – and they’ll never overbook your flight and leave you stranded at the airport.


While there are many levels of air charter, from cargo to luxury jets, you can expect luxurious travel conditions on most charter flights. And you won’t have to share your cabin with a crying baby or cranky passengers unless you happen to bring them along yourself.


From check-in to deplaning, the entire air charter procedure is managed for your convenience and comfort. You won’t have to arrive three hours early to check in for your flight or wait in a long line at a crowded airport to board your plane. On board, you’ll have privacy and, in most cases, the environment and amenities you need to work or relax at your leisure. And since your baggage travels with you, there’s never any need to stand around and wait until your luggage arrives, or worse, doesn’t arrive.

Ease of Charter

Heavy air charter brokers make it easy to book an aircraft charter for your needs. For more information, contact an aircraft charter broker with your questions.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hire Air Charter Brokers for Less Stress

If you are planning on taking a flight, whether it’s for vacation or work, you can do it like most people and book your own flight. But another option, which will save you time and money, is to contact and hire one of the available air charter brokers. These brokers will help you get the flight you need, when you need it. Here are four reasons why you should rely on jet charter brokers to plan your next trip instead of doing it yourself.

You’ll Get Better Access to Quality Planes

Air charter brokers have access to larger fleets of aircrafts. That means they can help arrange an aircraft for you that will get you to your destination in the quickest way possible.  You’ll also be assured that the flight arranged for you fits in with your schedule.

They Have Great Connections

Air Charter brokers have relationships with a multitude of carriers in a lot of locations, and these connections span from national to international airports. That means that no matter where you’re traveling, your jet charter brokers can help plan your trip to perfection.

Brokers Have the Knowledge You Need

A well respected broker is highly knowledgeable about the air travel industry. That means that they have access to insider information that may affect your travel plans. If weather or schedule changes will affect your flight, air charter brokers will work to steer you through a different airport or even change your aircraft if circumstances call for it. The brokers are well versed in the paperwork that’s required in order to make the transaction safe and legal. They will also verify the pilot’s operating certificate, his safety records and even take care of any insurance needs you may have.

Safety Assurance

Your aircraft broker has access to safety information and is also familiar with the FAA operational regulations and restrictions. This should ease your mind because it offers you an extra layer of protection for you and your family. Air charter brokers also know which aircrafts and pilots are the safest and have the best record.

You can be like most other people and make your own travel arrangements when flying, but to ease your mind and lessen your stress before a trip, you should consider taking advantage of an aircraft charter broker. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Find a Cargo Jet Charter Service for Your Needs

When your small business needs charter shipping services, you want to find the best cargo services available but finding the best cargo jet charter services can be confusing. Cargo jet charter brokers work with many different air cargo services on a daily basis. They understand what your small or mid-size business needs and will work with you to find the perfect cargo jetcharter service for your needs. For a start, these are the things that mid-size jet charter brokers look for when deciding whether to do business with a particular cargo carrier.

A Range of Services
Cargo jet charter brokers look for companies that can offer a range of services designed to fit your changing needs. Companies with a diverse service portfolio make it easier on your planning and logistics because you don’t have to work with many different cargo companies.

Destinations Around the World
You may need to charter a cargo jet for a short hop down the coast today, but next week you may have to ship across the ocean. Cargo jetcharter brokers like to have companies on tap that serve hundreds of destinations worldwide so you can always get your shipments where they need to go.

Free Price Quotes
Mid-size jet charter brokers will do the legwork for you when it comes to price quotes, and present you with multiple vendors who can service your needs. It shouldn’t cost you any extra to get a quote on your shipping job so look for cargo jet charter brokers who offer free price quotes on your shipping jobs.

Excellent Customer Service
Brokers work with companies repeatedly for years, so they know which charter cargo companies provide good service to customers. The best cargo jet charter brokers only work with companies that provide high-quality service to their customers because it reflects on them.

When you need to ship cargo by air, it’s always easier to find a shipping company through cargo jet charter brokers. Save yourself the legwork by booking your air shipments through brokers who screen their companies to make sure you always get the very best service for your air shipping needs.