Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Many Benefits of Aircraft Charter for Cargo and Passengers

Chartering an aircraft for your transportation and cargo needs is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses and organizations. There are many benefits to choosing an aircraft charter rather than opting for more traditional flight services. These are a few of the major reasons for choosing an aircraft charter service instead of booking a flight on a commercial airline or air cargo service.


When you charter an aircraft, you’ll work with a service that is dedicated to providing a flight itinerary suited to your needs rather than to the airline’s own schedule needs. While there will still be restrictions, you can generally fly out when you want instead of when an airline has a flight scheduled.


When you fly by commercial airline, you have a very limited choice of airports. Commercial airlines only serve roughly 200 to 250 of the world’s largest airports. If you want to get closer to your destination, you’ll often have no choice but to book an air charter, which can land at any one of 7,000 of the world’s airports.

Avoid Delays

Don’t sit around the airport for hours because of canceled or delayed flights, or worse, overbooking. Air charter flights are seldom delayed unless there is a serious weather problem. As noted, chartered jets and other aircraft operate on your schedule – and they’ll never overbook your flight and leave you stranded at the airport.


While there are many levels of air charter, from cargo to luxury jets, you can expect luxurious travel conditions on most charter flights. And you won’t have to share your cabin with a crying baby or cranky passengers unless you happen to bring them along yourself.


From check-in to deplaning, the entire air charter procedure is managed for your convenience and comfort. You won’t have to arrive three hours early to check in for your flight or wait in a long line at a crowded airport to board your plane. On board, you’ll have privacy and, in most cases, the environment and amenities you need to work or relax at your leisure. And since your baggage travels with you, there’s never any need to stand around and wait until your luggage arrives, or worse, doesn’t arrive.

Ease of Charter

Heavy air charter brokers make it easy to book an aircraft charter for your needs. For more information, contact an aircraft charter broker with your questions.


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